Monday, July 16, 2018


It was my absolute pleasure to meet this adorable family this summer! Nicki is a witty blogger documenting her life as mommy to the cutest little duo, Paisley and Jack. (Check out Luck of the Irish Twins!) As a stay at home mom myself, I can totally relate to so many of her experiences... from remembering to put our marriages first when daily life revolves around sweet baby faces and wiping butts... to the struggles/enjoyment of life in leggings and a dirty ponytail.

Paisley just celebrated her second birthday, and Jack has number O-N-E coming up soon! (You know, Irish twins and all.)

How happy are these guys?! It's no secret that my favorite time of day for family portraits is the hour leading up to sunset when the sun is the softest and most dreamy. But with two littles under two in the middle of the summer when sunset is way past bedtime, that just isn't going to happen. So if I have to choose, I choose rested and happy kiddos, and we find a location that will work for us. Mission accomplished with this great park just minutes from their house!

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